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05/31/2017 12:00 AM

The best long-term investment for your business!

     Most traffic and internet transactions start with one of the big search engines. At this time, over 84% of web pages are invisible to these search engines due to their content and irregular architecture. SEO optimization (search engine optimization) is the science of maximizing the effectiveness of your site to take advantage of the natural positioning advantage in the search engine. Unlike PPC (pay per click) campaigns, where you can instantly buy top rankings, SEO optimization is more than just a PR campaign that requires long-term focusing and regular maintenance to succeed in increasing your site's position In search engine displays.

  Google's results are highly subjective, driven by secret algorithms developed by engineers and technicians working on Google, and depend on the relevance of the site's content, its architecture, and its popularity. An SEO optimization process requires a profound understanding of how search engines work, as well as their algorithms.

Five Wrong concepts about SEO

  •  1. If I have a website, then I've done my best to have as many visitors as possible.
  •  2. If I registered the website in the search engines, then it is certain that I will have visitors as well.
  •  3. If I enter the keywords in the meta keywords tag, then it's safe to appear on the first page of the search results.
  •  4. Website search engine optimization is the duty of the web publisher, as a landlord or as a web operator, I do not have to deal with it.
  •  5. If people are looking for us after the company name, then they find us, so we have no problems with optimizing the search engine site.

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