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05/31/2017 12:00 AM

seo services offers complete SEO services to companies that aim to increase the natural traffic potential of their site. We combine extensive knowledge of site architecture, search engine technology and algorithms, and online marketing experience with procedures and methodologies that have proven their effectiveness and have improved keyword position in the search engine.

The optimization process begins with the understanding of the customer's business, its goals and marketing objectives, products and services, consumers and competitors. Furthermore, our team will perform a complete site audit of content, design elements, architecture, file structure, and popularity. All of these items are indexed and classified by search engines.

Building on these results, we will create an improvement plan and prioritize those elements that we believe will lead to optimization of search engine results.


SEO audit

We like to think that your site is like a ship, and the links created are the wind that helps it navigate. To be able to "navigate", you need strong, targeted links in the direction you choose. An SEO audit ensures that your site fully benefits from link building strategy and also helps us identify potential issues that prevent the site from growing in search engines.

The SEO audit conducted by our team is not just made up of print-screens taken from automated software, but includes a checklist of the site. Each strategy we design is individualized based on detailed analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the site.

What does SEO Audit include?

When conducting an SEO audit, we perform a comprehensive site review and we look, in particular, for any issues (major or minor) that may affect your positions in Serps. Below are some of the questions we are trying to find an answer:

SEO Technical Audit - We review all site links and perform a complete review of all SEO limitations such as load speed, sitemap, robots.txt, access errors (for example, 404), and many others.

Duplicate content - Copied content, indexing issues and more.

Onsite Audit - Internal Linking Strategy, Potential Designing Problems etc.

Keyword Research - We'll select the best keywords to make sure your site gets targeted traffic that generates as many conversions as possible.

Offsite Audit - Analysis of backlinks, backlink distribution, text anchor distribution, metric comparison with main competitors, etc.

In addition to using powerful and comprehensive analysis tools, a project manager, along with the team, will perform site analysis manually. The results of our research are outlined in the proposed steps to increase the visibility of the site in search engines.

After we perform the SEO audit, we'll contact you to clarify any questions or answer potential questions. We will discuss the SEO audit and our proposals together. We want those who work with us to be successful, so we do our best to help you get it.

Send us your site to get an SEO audit [email protected]


Optimization on page


If backlinks are the wind of your ship (your site), On-Page optimization is the mast. A site that is not optimized on-Page and does not have a good structure is like a ship without a solid mast.

On-Page optimization is fundamental to getting good positions in search engines, being the "cornerstones" of any site.

This technique is quite simple, but it has to be done carefully to bring favorable results. Some of the concrete actions made by our On-Page team:

Title Optimization - The "Title" tag is one of the most important elements of On-Page optimization. It is essential to use a short but descriptive title for visitors. This will help them identify your business as quickly as possible. The "Title" tag is the first thing search engines index and index. It is also the first thing the visitor sees when he searches for a product / service through dozens of results, so he has to be as attractive to him as possible.

Meta-tag optimization - Meta description should include an informative description of your site, focusing on areas or products important to your company. It is considered as a summary of the page. If the user finds it interesting and attractive, then clicks to find out more.

HTML tags - It is essential to show the search engines and visitors that are the important parts of your site. HTML has certain tags that allow us to do this. For example, headings H1, H2, H3, Bold [strong], Italic [em], etc. The text inside the H1 heading is the most important, according to the search engines. Its use is extremely important to define page titles or sections of your site.

Keyword Optimization - Content on the site must be optimized to meet both search engines and visitors. We do not want too many keywords to be penalized by the Panda algorithm. We need to have a balance between the number of keywords, the length of the content and the language used to turn visitors into customers.

Link optimization - We have inappropriately optimized content if the visitor sails on the site. Internal links must be optimized for both visitors and Google.

Image Optimization - If your site has a lot of images, it should also be optimized for search engines to index them. People can easily visualize the images, but the process is completely different for a search engine. That's why it's important to optimize them, to tell search engines about what's in the picture, what the image is referring to.


Optimization off site


Offsite optimization is the right "wind" the ship needs to move in the desired direction. This starts with the completion of on-site audit and optimization and is the process by which you promote your business online. Its goal is to build brand awareness, to appear as high as the search engines and to attract visitors from other websites. Since Google's algorithm updates are secret, many SEO specialists can contradict strategies that increase the visibility of your site.

Professionals know that offsite SEO is a process that runs constantly and in the long run, you can not go through it and then abandon it. The best approach depends on the industry in which you operate and the budget, but the overall strategy should contain three major directives: creating quality links, creating optimized content and actively involving social networks.

Linking - There are over 200 criteria that Google lists a site and no one knows their exact weight. However, one thing is certain and all SEO people agree with this: Creating as many quality links as possible helps your website to climb to the pages of search engines. It is a vital process in online marketing because it helps the brand to be as present on the Internet and bring targeted traffic / leads.

Content Creation - You can not build quality links without creating quality content about your online business, products, services, and the domain you're in. And in this case, sustained efforts are required, and the publication of the content must take place regularly. It should be useful for your potential customers and provide value to your community and industry. Quality content is a safe recipe to create links naturally and distribute to social networks because your target audience will be really interested in what you have to say.

Social media - Social platforms help you deliver content to potential customers and expose your company's messages. Thanks to the audience multiplier, articles and communiques can quickly reach new readers who can use information as online reference sources. So, your website can benefit from new quality, natural links.

Social media audience - To attract as many consumers as possible to your work on social networks, you need to produce quality content with distribution potential and consistently promote your brand. In addition, you need to give birth to relevant discussions for your target audience or to join you.

Social media marketing and SEO are two intertwining strategies because they both focus on building an identity that attracts a wider audience. In addition, it helps you climb as high as you can in search engines.

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